Part 6 – Skin smoothening

Part 6 – Skin smoothening

This is the last part of the series of enhancing the “Human Face”. Females to a certain extend males from every part of the earth want smooth facial skin. This is part of the flattery we showered ourselves excessively. We hate the “morning look” in the mirror..

However, we have to be realistic. Age and gravity has to take its place. It is ok to show a few wrinkles, the dropping of the chin, the pores on the face and an occasional blemish.

Again my advice is, don’t overdo it till it has that “Canned Barbie doll” look. Be gentle, please read again the previous paragraph.

Go to "filters>blur>surface blur" and adjust smoothening to taste

Go to "filters>blur>surface blur" and adjust smoothening to taste

Here is my workflow:-

  1. Ctrl J – to create a new layer
  2. Filter> Blur> Gaussian blur or Surface blur (use surface blur
  3. Adjust the pixel and threshold to suit the amount of blur you need… gentle
  4. After you are satisfied you the skin texture, click ok and let the computer do its algorithms. What do you think? The scientists have made numbers out of us.
  5. Drag this layer below the copied layer.
  6. Use the brush tool, set the size softness and also the opacity. Gently brush away the years. Leave the eyes, eyebrow, nostrils and mouth alone. Don’t forget the neck, age shows there too.
  7. After you are satisfied that the subject is 10 years younger, merge the layer downwards
  8. It is done.

I hope that you all have enjoyed this series on enhancing the “Human Face”.

Just to recap:-

  • Start off with a properly planned and taken picture. Any picture you think is not properly taken, use the “delete button” and save your reputation.
  • Be gentle on the enhancement techniques. You do not want to create a “canned Barbie doll” look. In Malaysian terms it is “Ah Lian” look.
  • Have your own workflow. Here is mine:-

    • Remove blemishes, wrinkles and acne from the face
    • Brighten the eyes and teeth
    • Enhance the color of the lips
    • Add rouge on the cheeks to give the face a healthy glow.
    • Add eye shadows
    • Skin smoothening

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