Windows: How to postprocess a timelapse video and share to flickr in 10 simple step

I have been asked several times how to do a timelapse video. Today I am going to present the cheapest method to do a timelapse video with free opensource software available for processing and compressing the timelapse video. This tutorial is done for windows user. I will write another tutorial for mac users.

Before starting

  • Download Photolapse 3 for timelapse creation
  • Download MPEG STREAMCLIP for video compression
  • Lightroom or any of your favorite image management software
  • Make sure you have a good amount of photos for your timelapse video

Here are the 10 simple steps

  1. Open lightroom or your favorite image management software
  2. Export the timelapse images to a folder. Make sure to resize to a resolution such as 720p(1280×720) or 1080p(1920×1080)
  3. Open Photolapse 3
  4. Navigate to the folder with the exported image.
  5. Press the load files from current folder
  6. Press Create Movie
  7. Open MPEG Streamclip
  8. Open the exported video file
  9. Export to MPEG-4 (80% compression)
  10. Export to Flickr

Yup you are done! Thanks for reading, let me know what you feel on the comment section.

Here is an example of a timelapse done with the 10 simple steps Sunrise at Namche Bazaar

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