Hasselblad 500 C/M, an impromtu review by Yusuf Hashim aka Digitalartist


From the words of Yusuf Hashim

Why Hasselblad?

Because you dont have to turn the camera to shoot portraits after shooting Landscapes…
With the Mamamiya you gotta Rotate the back.

Actually for a Granddaddy like me, its like meeting an old GF you lusted after in the past. When she was young everybody wanted her, and you too wanted her, but you simply couldn’t afford the dowry. Now that she’s a grandmother, and even as a grandmother her charms are still undiminished, you can now get her rather easily, and suddenly the old tingling sensations in your groin can finally be satiated. I shot the first frame a couple of days ago. That was after looking at a video on how to load her up. Then it was another day of reading a downloaded user manual to become familiar with all her knobs and nipples. Then I had to decide on a suitable boudoir for our first tryst. When I found one, it took half an hour of leg zoom to decide on a perspective, another 10 minutes to decide where to place the exposure, and several test shots with the 5DM2 Light meter before I was happy enough to release the shutter. I wanted to shoot another frame but then the rain came, but the pleasure of that one frame is still in my mind, even as I agonize where to go to fire her up again another eleven times. And the anticipation of loading and agitating her to see the product of our liaison is keeping me awake some nights.
With Digital its simply Hello Maam, Wham, Baam, Thank You Maam. Digital still has a place in my heart but my heart is big enough to accomodate an old flame.
It was such a pleasure groping her after all these years. You may call her a pencil sharpener, a paperweight or you may even be a snob to Master Yoong.
I dont care.
Love they say, is blind and deaf…….and I’m in love…again.

More words of wisdom

Why laaa al you young people get involved. This is only for the old folks who are trying to relive their youth when they lusted after Little Miss Hessie, but couldn’t have her and can only have her when she’s a grandmother like they are already grandfathers….


Oh that is an old man inside the body of a young man. Iman also trying to do the same. BTW, Iman already bought 12 rolls of 120 film to await his own little Miss hassy -possee. That’s like getting the bridal suite ready before he brings the bride home…


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