Kumbasari Market, Bali, Indonesia

Kumbasari Market, Bali, Indonesia

Kumbasari Market is located on Jalan Gajah Mada, Denpasar, near the Badung River. This traditional non-air conditioned market offers interesting insights to the daily lives of local Balinese. As photographers, we find visiting markets a visual connection to the locals. We are curious to find out what they eat, what are their idiosyncrasies and a host of colourful local characters.  We have been visiting markets all over the world and have made many casual friends along the way. The good thing is the tourist do not normally come to this market, in fact we did not meet any tourist while we were there.

I noticed that large portions of the market were selling paraphernalia for prayers. Balinese are Hindus They practice Hinduism. Temples are a common place and can be found almost at every street corner. In fact there was a temple in the middle of the market. Every morning the residents would make the daily offerings of flowers, incense and other religious decorations in accordance to the different religious events.

Here are some of the visual sights I saw at this market.

A coconut vendor

Horse carts are a form of transport for goods and people

A tired child having a nap in his mother's arms

Selling prayer paraphernalia

A market vendor

A vendor selling hair bands

A customer

A market vendor

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