Landscapes of Lake Toba, Indonesia


We organised a photosafari trip to Lake Toba from 28th Feb to 3rd Mar 2013. We have a total of 22 participants in this trip. We visited several areas around the Lake.

Lake Toba was formed from a super volcano eruption about 70,000 years ago. This eruption was the largest ever eruption in last two million years. It was so big that it caused a volcanic winter that nearly wiped out most species of life on earth. Today it place looks so peaceful and serene. At the centre of the Lake is an island, Samosir. This island is about twice the size of Singapore.

We woke up two mornings at 4 am to prepare for the sunrise shoots. The effort was really worth it.

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A fisherman at sunrise. The boat was a dug out boat that was used on this lake for centuries.


A close up of the dug out boat.


Sunrise at Lake Toba


Overlooking the lake


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