PMPE – Mongolia PhotoSafari from 28th June to 6th July 2013

Mongolia is home to epic landscapes and nomadic culture. It offers a stunning array of photographic opportunities from landscapes and nature to people. We will travel through vast grasslands, deserts, crystal clear alpine lakes, snow-capped mountains, and see wild horses, traditional ger tents and camel herders to capture stunning images.. We will travel to the Flaming Cliffs and towering sand dunes of the Gobi Desert, stay in traditional ger tents, visit the land of the dinosaurs at Bayanzag and the picturesque Yolyn Am or Eagle valley.



Day 1. (June 28) Meet in Ulaanbaatar and tour to Hustai National Park

Meet in Ulaanbaatar and then drive to Hustai National Park and see Takhi, the Asian wild horse. If we are lucky we will see wolves, argali sheep and deer. We’ll do a little bit of walking to shoot charming landscapes and wildlife. There will be horse riding for about an hour. We will visit Takhi’s small museum and stay overnight in a tourist camp. (L)

Day 2. (June 29) Erdenezuu and Karakorum
After breakfast at the tourist camp, we will drive to Karakorum, the symbolic ruins of the 13th century capital of the Mongol Empire.  We will visit Erdene-Zuu, the oldest monastery, with 108 stupas, built in 1586. Then we’ll visit Karakorum museum and see the Great Mongol state period, the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Ancient state period halls. Dinner will be an authentic Mongolian barbecue, prepared in the traditional style with hot stones. We’ll stay overnight in another  tourist camp by Orkhon River. (B+L)

Day 3. (June 30) Drive to Ongi Temple ruins
After breakfast, we’ll drive to Ongi Temple which has about a thousand lamas or monks. On the way we will visit a local nomad family. There we have an opportunity to experience their way of life, their culture and traditions. The location is the  ruins of the big monastery Bari Yonzon Hamba on the banks of a river. We stay overnight in another Mongolian tent. ((B+L)

Day 4. (July 01) Bayanzag, the land of the Dinosaurs   
Today we will drive to Bayanzag, (known as the Flaming Cliffs where the first nest of dinosaur eggs were found in 1922) a site famous for the remains of dinosaurs which lived here 60 million years ago. You can walk around where dinosaurs once roamed and see saksaul trees and other classic desert vegetation. Overnight in another  tourist camp. (B+L)

Day 5. (July 02) Mongolian largest sand dunes
After breakfast, you will be driven to the Khongor sand dunes. These are Mongolia’s largest sand dunes, reaching  a height of 300 meters in some areas. In the afternoon, you will be riding on two-humped Bactrian camels to explore Khongor sand dunes. Plus, you will have an opportunity to visit a camel herdsman’s family to shoot their way of life, their culture and traditions. The sand dunes change color with each hour of the day, from yellow to silver to rose-colored at (dawn/ sundown). Overnight in tourist camp. (B+L)

Day 6. (July 03) Drive to Eagle valley
Today’s destination is Yolyn Am, or ‘Eagle Valley’. We’ll drive to Yol Am and Dungene valley – a wonderfully picturesque place with ice in summer, and surrounded by sheer rocky walls, forming incredible canyons. We’ll walk a little to shoot the the lovely landscapes and wildlife. We’ll visit Gobi museum. These areas are situated in the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park which include the “Three Beauties” peaks and the most easterly points of the Altai Mountains. Overnight in tourist camp. (B+L)

Day 7. (July 04) Ulaanbaatar city tour

You’ll be taken on a city sightseeing tour including a visit to the Gandan Monastery with its huge gold plated Buddha: a symbol of Mongolian national pride and cultural revival. See the monks chanting, and spin some prayer wheels and view the intricately embroidered thanks. We’ll visit Sukhbaatar Square, which is the administrative district which houses all central government departments including Government house. After lunch in a restaurant we will visit the Natural History Museum, where you have a chance to see all flora and fauna of Mongolia and complete dinosaur skeletons and eggs. (L)
Day 8. (July 05) Free day
Own your schedule.

Day 9. (July 06) Departure Mongolia
You will be transferred from your hotel to the airport.

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