PMPE – Pacu Jawi Photosafari, Padang, Indonesia, 5th to 7th April 2013




We are pleased to announce our PMPE – Pacu Jawi PhotoSafari to Padang, Indonesia. The highlights of this PhotoSafari trip is the adrenaline rush Bull Race or Pacu Jawi as the Indonesians call it.


Pacu Jawi is usually held at the end of the harvesting season. Bull breeders and Buyers come together and trade their bulls. Bulls are strong animals and often used in the ploughing and tilling of the land for rice planting.  The Sellers would hire Jockeys to run the bulls to exhibit the strengths of these animals. After each run the bulls are cleaned and herded into a display pen for the Buyers to choose.


However, this age old tradition was forgotten and was revived a few years ago as a social gathering for the villagers and a spectator sport especially for photographers. This event has since reached International acclaimed and prominence. One of our friends submitted a photo of this Bull Race and won 1st prize in the sports section of the prestigious World Press Photo Award 2013.


This year’s Pacu Jawi is being organised specially for our Photosafari readers and members. A warning for those who want to go on this trip  – this is a very dangerous event to shoot. I have seen Photographers being injured while photographing this race. Please come at your own risk, we are not liable for any personal injuries whatsoever.


Besides the Pacu Jawi we will also shoot morning markets, sunrise and sunset at the Meninjau Lake and Bukit Tinggi Area.

We have a few places left on this trip. If you are interested, please email : [email protected]


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