“Just My Thoughts” series – Photography in the rain

Shooting in the rain


Most amateur photographers would keep their cameras away when it rains. This natural reaction was to protect their digital cameras from the damaged by the rain water.  However, in doing so they would have missed opportunities of taking wonderful and unique images of people in the rain.

In our Cebu PMPE, we were caught in the heavy tropical storm when we reached the Cebu Wet Market.  All the participants did not put away their cameras instead they were enthusiastically playing with the kids and taking pictures of them playing in the rain. So if you are worried about the cameras being damaged by the elements of nature, get a weather sealed camera body and lenses.  Alternatively you can also use a plastic bag and rubber bands to prevent water from entering the camera body and lens.  Do not let the natural elements spoiled your chance of getting some unique images. This picture shows Edward Khoo, one of our PMPE participants playing with the kids at the market

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