“Just my thoughts” series – children of Cebu, Philippines

A lot of photographers have asked me why and how I take my pictures. I have given this a thought and have come out with an idea on a series of pictures that I have taken and my thoughts on it. Do not expect too much gear talk though.


Children at Cebu, Philippines


Exif data:

1. f4.5

2. 1/10

3. -0.5EV

4. ISO 400

I have always loved to use lighting in my composition. Natural lighting direct, diffused or reflected from the world’s largest light source is always pleasing. This photo shows two children in their natural environment. Children are great subjects because of their innocence, playfulness and lack of pretence. By placing the two subjects at different parts of the picture, it forces the viewer to explore the whole picture and noticing things that he would normally have missed at a glance. The eye contact by both subjects also helps to make this image different from a snapshot.

Some viewers would view this as slum photography. I do not share this view. As a photographer we would like to feel the humanity regardless of what environment they live in. The only thing lacking are material trappings of the rich. In its place you will find joy, happiness, communal sharing and extending their hands to help each other in times of trouble. These environments also forged good communal behaviour. Above all, they are proud to be human. I am trying to bring that humanity out in my images.

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