Photosafari trips – 2020

Hello Photosafarians and Friends!

We have kept you waiting long enough and now we are ready to announce our planned photosafari trips for 2020. It’s the best yet! 

As usual, these proposed trips are longer trips than the shorter weekend getaways for photographers. Don’t worry, we will definitely announce the shorter trips later so watch this space for more updates.

Over the years, Photosafari has used different approaches for photography trips to make all of the trips enjoyable and fulfilling for you. All of you will have a great story to tell your family, friends, relatives, or grandchildren of the wonderful times when you stayed with the Nomads or seen the Big Five up close. Your support has been wonderful and we continue to work hard to offer something new for all of you. 

With that in mind, Photosafari is excited to announce that we are now moving more towards photography journeys and immersive experiences. These experiences are hard to come by if you journey alone. It is the sharing of the experiences of the journeys that will enrich our outlook in life ‘and enhance our understanding of our own selves.

Photosafari will continue to research and explore new photography experiences the world over, curate and package it to suit your busy work schedules.

We are now working on the detailed information packs and will announce it once it is ready. Stay tuned!

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