PhotoSafari – Nepal Experience – Experiemental part 1

This video is purely experiemental. Toying around with my new camera, I feel that video is a better tool of communication than still images.
But never did I thought it could be so much tougher and more addictive than still images =) This is an unfinished work, which I took a day to learn final cut pro and after effects from my friend tuck.

PhotoSafari – Nepal Experience -Experiment Part 1 from Kenny Chan on Vimeo.


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  1. To get pro level video clips with the 5D, try putting the camera on a tripod, keeping it still, and let the action act out in front of the camera. Avoid panning and zooming because you’ll have massive problems in post production. An intervalometer is indispensible for doing time lapse video with the 5D. Try the Canon TC-80N3

  2. kenny

    Agreed =).
    Would love to have a slider or dolly.
    Focusing and zooming are way to tough on the 5d mark ii without those focusing tools.
    Ya I realize how important it is to have that TC-80N3. Would get that next for those time lapse photos.

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