Children of Nepal in Need of Help!

This Adopt-a-Village Project was initiated by and led by Maxby Chan. The project was to help the villagers of Laprak Village, Gorkha, Nepal recover from the April 2015 earthquake that has destroyed their entire village. We have made regular trips to Laprak Village to liaise with the villagers on what help is required to help them get back on their feet.

Story and photos by Dr. Dany Tarta

As beautiful as Nepal and Mount Everest appear, life for children can be tough. There is another side of Nepal which most people don‘t realize.

Children are working in the fields, others remain alone at home as parents work between 6 in the morning till 6 in the evening and longer just for the basics.

Kids are sick, coughing is frequent, washing takes place once a week, basics are missing as people are fighting for survival. Their skin is burned, the sun and the cold wind as well as skin problems related to infections
take a toll on their health.

Their shelter is an iron sheet as the roof, the walls are insulated with plastic sheets on simple wooden frames in the Himalayan range with extreme cold weather conditions. Several blankets for the night are required to withstand the harsh weather conditions. Heating does not exist nor does warm water. Bathing is a special event. Everything is basic, even electricity was till a short time ago not existing.

Adopt-a-village provided the limited resources that they have, the basic necessities.

Life is harsh in the mountains and the cold season is very long. The soil is sandy. Landslides are common and earthquakes frequent.

The last earthquake has taken away for many their few belongings. I can only imagine the extent of the devastation of the last earthquake. Villages have completely collapsed, school and a basic medical hospital are in ruins, the tragedy still visible today. The many landslides are likewise still visible.

Access to these remote areas is only by tractor or a few 4×4 jeeps and during the rainy season impossible for months on end.

I have witnessed on site the impact on their life which the organisation Adopt-a-village founded by Chan Maxby, has and it fulfills my heart to make my small contribution. I understand now that whatever we complain about in life is a disgrace to humanity because there are people forgotten in this world that are truly in need, having close to nothing.

International organisations do contribute but are not onsite and there is a lot more to do. Adopt-a-village has been present 1 month after the earthquake and helping out onsite since then.

Laprak was the epicentre of the earthquake 2 years ago. Things move slowly here as people ar busy working on their fields for survival.

I’ve photographed children for years and here one can clearly see the lack of a childs life in their facial expressions. Unlike warm poor countries where kids can play joyfully, here children have to withstand the forces of nature which drains life out of them and it is heart-breaking.

People come to Nepal to explore nature and have a good time. The other reality is that there are children and families in need.

Adopt-a-village was there about 1 month after the earthquake and the completion of the “search and rescue” phase. They have been supporting this village during their 2 years of recovery with the limited resources.

If anybody wants to make a meaningful contribution to life, please connect with the non-profit organisation Adopt-a-village project. They are in need of help, be it volunteering or donations. I was onsite and have seen the impact small things can add to life of people in need.

Foreign groups are already helping children with scholarships of 20 USD a month to give these children access to education. We are in need of school material like uniforms and school-bags as well.

If this makes sense to you, please spread the word and share this album with others or become an active member.

This album is dedicated to the forgotten children of Laprak, Nepal and Adopt-a-village project.

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