PMPE 8 – Nepal – 15th to 26th March 2011

PhotoMalaysia PhotoSafari is organising a PMPE 8 to Nepal from 15th to 26th March 2011. This trip includes an easy trekking in the Annapurna region,  photo hunting in Pohkara and Katmandu.

This trip offers great opportunity to have an intimate perspective of the people staying around the Himalayan region. The trekking is considered very easy and tailored specially for photographers to allow enough time to take photos along the way. It is a once in lifetime experience to be trekking along the Himalayan range not to mention the health benefits from this workout. The trek along Annapurna is one of the best treks in the world. There are proper stone lined roads, steps and lodging houses along the way. There is no need to pitch tents in the open.

We will spending some time photographing around Pohkara, a tourist town made famous by the hippies in the 60’s. Katmandu with its diverse culture and historical buildings offers numerous photography opportunities.

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