Tricked by Dishonest Wedding Photographers?


Wedding Photography is a very competitive business. Some wedding photographers have spent years perfecting their skill sets and have invested considerable amount of time and money in doing so. The digital age has made wedding photography easier.  It has drawn beginners and some unscrupulous individuals who want a fast entry into this photography genre. They have resorted to stealing images of other photographers and using it as their own. Some have managed to fool the clients into employing their services only to fall short of the clients expectations. Here is a video on the experience faced by a client who was duped into using such services.

Just an advice to those engaging the services of wedding photographers, the cheapest quote may not be the best. If you want your wedding day to be remembered throughout the rest of your life, employ a proper wedding photographer, not those who works part-time. If you are on a budget,  just to take a good studio shot of your wedding. After all you have only need one properly taken wedding photo to be remembered. Don’t forget, you are not a Hollywood star. Hollywood stars get their wedding sponsored by various organisations.

A special thanks to my friend (Jet Fynn Photography) for allowing me to use his photo


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