New Pentax K2 Di Y – Full Frame Camera by Christmas



Pentax rumours by PhotoSafari

Like I have said before, every camera manufacturer and his dog are selling DSLR full framed cameras. Pentax fanboys have been asking for a full frame DSLR for some time and the noise is deafening. Pentax engineers too are feeling the heat. The top Ricoh bosses too were embarrassed every time there was “meet the consumers” session. So now¬†Ricoh, their new master has now issued an ultimatum, either a full frame DSLR by Christmas or be shipped out.

The engineers have been working feverishly over the past summer redesigning and incorporating the latest technology advancement to the latest full frame DSLR. Pentax has cleverly left the naming convention of Pewntax K2 and Pentax K1 for full frame DSLRs. Let’s take a look at the rumoured specifications of this new Pentax K2 Di Y


Rumoured specifications

1. Body – magnesium alloy with 95 weather seals

2. Design concept – Retro design similar to the Pentax Spotmatic but a lot smaller

3. Sensor – Full frame sensor sans AA filter

4. State of the art vibration technology for dust removal, image stabilization and AA filter….wow

5. Lens mount – K-mount and is compatible with all K-mount lenses. There are plans to make mounts for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Zeiss, Kiev and Leica lenses.


Pentax K2 Di Y

The Pentax DSLR will be shipped in kit form by Christmas. The selling price should be around US $1,000. Just watch out for the announcement guys.



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