New Nikon Full Frame mirrorless camera out by Christmas.


Nikon Rumours by Photosafari.

Every camera manufacturer and his dog is putting out a mirrorless camera into the market. Not to be outdone by the recent Sony A7 and A7r announcements, Nikon has announced that they will be launching their new mirrorless full frame camera before Christmas this year.

Nikon has adopted an optical viewfinder instead of a Electronic View Finder (EVF). This Nikon said that it is about 300% brighter than the the current state of art EVF and is corrected for parallax error. The viewfinder was also able to give a 120% field of view as against a 100% field of view on all cameras other than Leica M.

This camera also featured a unique sensor cleaning technology that make sensor cleaning a thing of the past. The technology has been patented and is now a closely guarded secret.

This is the first time Nikon is designing a F-mount that is compatible with all Nikkor lens produced to-date either directly or via an adapter. Rumours has it that Nikon will eventually produce adapters to mount Canon, Sony, Pentax,Olympus, Leica and Zeiss lenses to its body making this the one and only camera that you need to buy.

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