Gold Plated Cameras, anyone?

Oliver Blackwell


Goldbug is an online specialist store specialising in gold plating film cameras of the bygone era. If you have the cash, these gold plated cameras are a beauty for your display cabinet.

This what Goldbug is all about:-

“Goldbug was born through a love of film photography and an appreciation for the beauty and simplicity of the 35mm camera. It celebrates the design of these classic cameras and offers a service of customisation to camera lovers.

Starting as a collaboration between a jeweller Catherine Zoraida and an avid photographer it was immediately obvious that Goldbug cameras caught peoples imagination. Although classic cameras are still loved and used on a global scale there are very few opportunities for making them unique and personal.

Goldbug began by focussing on a handful of models but has grown to encompass a wide range of cameras from 35mm, to medium format, 8mm cine cameras to 16mm movie cameras.

All Goldbugs cameras are plated with 18 carat gold.

Goldbug also has extensive experience with engraving and can offer anything from a special date to detailed artwork.

In this digital age, Goldbug feels these iconic objects can often be overlooked. Finishing them in Gold allows us to see these cameras for what they really are, tactile objects of simplicity, strength, function, beauty and purpose. Design at the highest level.”


For more details, go to this link

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