Leica Store invites PhotoSafari Members to the opening of a Solo Photo Exhibition on the 8th Nov 2012


We are proud to be the Curator for the monthly Solo Photo Exhibition at Leica Store, AvenueK, Kuala Lumpur. This is part of our continuing effort to promote young and upcoming professional and serious amateur photographers in Malaysia. At PhotoSafari, we are committed to try and elevate the standard of photography in Malaysia. We have been conducting both photography workshops and hands-on photography trips in order to bring beginners in photography up to speed.

Our latest exhibition – the Guerrilla Photography Exhibition has been a great success. We have also extended our reach to photographers in the neighboring countries like Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam to share photography experiences through our latest project, Photo Guerrilla Ambush. This is going to be an annual event  and each country will take turns to host this event. Next year, PhotoSafari will be the host of this inaugural event.

This is an open invitation for readers of this PhotoSafari blog. Do come and have “teh tarik” session with old friends and new acquaintances.

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