Kodak sells online photo sharing platform

Kodak has been one of the most admired companies in the 50’s to the 90’s. It was also my favourite brand for black and white films. I know most professional would swear by Kodachrome as their medium of choice. Who would have guessed back then that we live to see the day this company would crumple and taken apart piece by piece by vultures. What has gone wrong?

Today, I have learnt that “Shutterfly” is buying over its online photo services platform for $23.8m

“Basically, the terms of the agreement include the transfer of all Gallery customer accounts and images in the U.S. and Canada to Shutterfly. Kodak Gallery allowed users to upload photos and create public or private albums that can be shared, as well as printed. According to the company, Kodak Gallery currently has 75 million users. Kodak says that it will give customers who do not want their photos transferred to Shutterfly the opportunity to opt out of the transition process.

Keep in mind, this is still a proposed sale and is not a done deal. Under the agreement, Kodak will seek U.S. Bankruptcy Court approval of sale and auction procedures by late March. Earlier this year, Kodak announced that they are putting all of their digital cameras, camcorders, and picture frames out to pasture as well.

The company said that it will be focusing its consumer business on retail and destination photo solutions as well as home printing products.”

(source:- techcrunch.com)

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