Kampong Muncar – home of the famous Sea Warriors.


Kampong Muncar is a fishing village about one hour’s drive from Banyuwangi. The villagers were descendants of Madura. Madurese were seafarers. They brought with them the uniform clothing called “Sakera” – a black shirt and sword called “clurit”.

We find the villagers very friendly and hospitable unlike their fierce reputation as sea warriors. The fishing boats were unique in this area. The boats were beautifully decorated. It looked like the fishermen took great pride in decorating and make their boat different from his neighbours. Modern marine engines have long replaced the sails.

Once a year, these villagers celebrate a festival called “Petik Laut”. The fishermen will decorate their boats appropriately for the festival. There would be more than a few hundred boats taking part in this colorful “thanks giving” ceremony.

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Fishing boats parked at the bay


A Fisherman at this village


A proud family enjoying the sunset.


The villagers going about their daily lives


The villagers going about their daily lives.

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