Pulau Santen – Banyuwangi, Jawa, Indonesia.

We visited Banyuwangi in April 2013. This City is located at the easternmost end of Jawa. From here one can take a short ferry ride to Bali. This city has an estimated population of about 1.5 million people. We stayed here to visit the famous Ijen Sulphur Mines. Ijen is about two and a half hour ride from the City. The name Banyuwangi in Jawanese means “fragrant water”.

Besides the Sulphur Mine, we also visited Kampong Mancur and the fishing village at Pulau Santen, Banyuwangi. On our visit to this place, we realised that there were many more scenes that were worth capturing. We will definitely come back here again in the near future.

We visited Pulau Santen, a fishing village about an hour’s drive from our hotel for a sunrise shoot. Here the fishermen were still using dragnet fishing from the beach. From here one can see Bali Island and it’s surrounding landscape. There were quite a lot of interesting activities here at sunrise. The people here were very friendly and helpful. There was a small village besides the beach. Here are some of the images taken at this place.

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From here one can see Bali Island across the straits.


Outrigger boats were used here.


The dragnets were taken out and cleaned before putting it to use.


A team of fishermen were using the dragnet on the beach

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