A Village called Paradise, Mactan Island, Philippine

How about a sweet kids?


We visited this village in June 2011. It was quite an experience. A few local photographers took us there to experience the local life as it is. We took more than 2 hours making new friends and taking in the whole experience. The people there were extremely friendly and they make you feel at home. Some had even invited us to their home for coffee. Here are some of the photos that summarise  my personal experiences with this friendly community.

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Me and my friends


A graffiti wall


I am the protector of my home.


What do you think you are doing?


Welcome to Paradise Village


Paradise Village - a fishing community


Mum asked us to stay at home


No we can't come out to play with you today.


The Villagers here are Christians


Am I pretty?


Let's do the twist.


A group photo.

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