Photosafari Trips – 2019

Proposed Photosafari Trips, 2019

This is the time of the year when we plan our trips for 2019. We are planning more exciting trips to new places while retaining some of the trips that we found to be worth another trip or backed by popular demand.

As usual, these proposed trips are trips longer than the weekend getaways for photographers. The shorter weekend trips will be announced later.




In 2019, we are embarking on Photosafari Trips trips to new destinations while retaining some of the old ones where we will like to visit again.

We start the Photosafari year in February with a trip to the Winter Wonderland of Lake Baikal. This is our third trip to this beautiful place. We couldn’t get enough of this frozen landscape.

One of the highlights in 2019, is our planned trip to visit and stay a couple of days with the Reindeer Herders in Salekhard, Russia. Reindeer Herders are a small nomadic tribe, the Nenets staying in Yamal. We will also stay for the colourful Annual Reindeer Festival that is held at Salekhard.

In April, following our very successful trip to Morocco in 2018, we are going back for more. We have amended the program to allow for a better introduction to the sights, scenes, and cuisines of Morocco.

In August, we will be going to Greenland. However, this time we will be staying in a hotel or lodging houses and only make short boat rides to visit the nearby Inuit Villages and the Icebergs. This trip is planned for those participants who are afraid of seasickness.

At the end of August, we will journey to Kamchatka, Russia, one of the last frontiers that are unspoiled by humans. This time we have managed to book a place in the Kurilskoe Lake (the waiting list for booking a place here is two years) where we can watch the Brown Bears in their natural habitat.

In October, we will embark on a journey to the Old Silk Road from Kashgar, China to Islamabad in Pakistan. The road journey starts from Islamabad and will drive through the beautiful Hunza Valley during Autumn. We will cross the Khunjerab Pass along the Karakorum Highway into China, ending at Kashgar.

Another highlight around China will be the visit to the Rainbow Mountains in Danxia in October (Autumn). We will also visit the Qinghai Lake and Badan Jaran Desert.

In November, we have planned for a trip to the Northern Coastal areas of Morocco. This is the place that is not frequented by tourists.

We are currently working on the information packs for the trips. If you are interested, you can register your interest on which trips that you will like to go.




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