June Yap – part 3

June Yudan – is an artist and a successful Business woman. Besides photography, her interests include  painting with Chinese ink and oils, writing, dance, floral arrangement, travel, and collecting antiques, irons, sea shells and rocks. She has exhibited her works, including her floral arrangements, at several local and international exhibitions.  In 2009, she held her first solo exhibition in Floral Arrangement and followed that with two exhibitions of  photographs she shot during her travels. All proceeds from sales at those exhibitions were donated to charity.

She has also published several books about her art work and her photographs. Although Yudan is new to digital photography, her strong background in art and painting can be seen in her pictures. The picture on the right, shot through a window of a temple in Ho Chi Min city, is an example of how an artist sees  and  captures a scene a little differently from everyone else. The four panes  are almost a Quadtypch of what she saw through the window. There is a human interest feature in each of the four panes. This is a perspective not many people would  normally see. Even if it is seen, the magic moment  to hit the shutter button  is that instant when all four human interest subjects, are properly framed withthin the frames.

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