Daphne Low

Daphne Low is a Chartered Accountant working for a Biopharmaceutical company. Her first camera in 2008 was a Canon IXUS P&S. She now shoots with a Canon DSLR, which she bought only in August 2009. Her hobbies include traveling, swinning, and outdoor activities such as white water rafting and bungee jumping. She is an outdoor enthusiast and travel bug. She says traveling is one of life’s most satisfying pleasures. To experience adventure traveling is to taste real life, and since photography is an essential component of traveling, it was the travel bug that mde her take up photography classes.

Daphne says that her aim is always to try to capture the essence of a place with her photography. She hopes her photos will allow a viewer, and especially her loved one at home, not only see but also feel the places as she felt them when she shot her pictures.

Coming back from PhotoMalaysia PhotoSafari Experience, Daphne says she now realizes that photography is not only about hitting the shutter button. It is an art and it takes a special skill to be able to see something from a different perspective from others. To do that requires some thinking, a bit of creativity and a lot of practice.

A good picture creates a “Wow factor” not only to you but also for others. She says her photography has been a wonderful avenue for discovering the artsy side of herself. Her mantra is ‘Choose to live in happiness, everything has beauty, depending on how you see it.”

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