Red River County Photosafari from 23 – 28th Feb 2016


Photosafari is organising a photography trip to some of the lesser known areas in Yunnan, China. This year, we are making a trip to Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture. Honghe or the Red River County. It is situated at the border between China and Vietnam. This county has a population of about 270,000.

The Red River starts in China and flows through Hekou, Hanoi and into the South China Sea.

This area is inhabited mainly by the minority ethnic groups like Hani, Yi, Miao and Yao. Most of the land is mountainous and people here practiced terrace farming. There are more terrace rice fields here than anywhere I have seen. It took me about 6 hours to drive around the ring road encompassing the terrace fields. In February, these rice fields will be flooded with water and the sunrise and sunset scenes are just ideal for photography. This is probably one of the last areas not affected by mass tourism in China. It is opening up quite rapidly and this may be one of the last opportunities to visit this place before the tourist groups arrive. We will also be visiting a few ethnic villages along the way.

Mr Chen, a Chinese landscape and people photographer from China who has spent seven years of his time photographing in this region will be leading the group. He has retired and has moved from Kunming to this region after his retirement. He became interested in photography and was enchanted by the beauty of this region of China seven year ago. Since then he has made several trips around the Honghe County to capture its beauty on camera. He will be showing us some of the special places only known to a few photographers for that one of a kind “killer” shots.  Some of his works are published in books and are displayed in many public places.


The rice terraces. The rice will be harvested at the October and the fields will be filled with water in Feb – Mar.


The Hani minority tribe



23rd Feb (Day 1)

4:50 Arrive at Kunming Airport
5:50 Transfer to Hotel.
6:30 – Free and easy (dinner on your own)

24th Feb (Day 2)

5:30 – wake-up call
6:30 – breakfast
7:30 – check out hotel and drive to Honghe County
13:00 – lunch at Honghe town
14:00 – drive to Jia Yin town
17:00 – sunset shoot
18:30 – Check-in hotel (Yunti Hotel 4*)
19:00 – dinner
20:00 – free and easy

25th Feb (Day 3)

5:00 – wake-up call
5:30 – sunrise shoot at Leyu
7:30 – breakfast at hotel
8:30 – check-out
9:00 – drive to Leyu and Bao Hua, stopping at small villages along the way.
12:30 – lunch at Bao Hua.
13:30 – visit Yangliu rice terrace fields and small villages along the way.
17:00 – Jia Yin for sunset shoot
19:00 – dinner at Leyu
18:00 – check in Leyu hostel (a simple hostel in this small town)

26th Feb (Day 4)

5:00 – wake-up call
5:30 – sunrise shoot at terrace fields in Limeba
7:30 – breakfast in town
8:30 – drive to Baohua
12:30 – lunch in Baohua
13:30 – village tour around Baohua
17:30 – sunset shoot
18:30 – back to Leyu to stay for the night.
19:00 – Dinner

27th Feb (Day 5)

5:00 – wake-up call
5:30 – sunrise shoot
7:00 – breakfast.
8:00 – drive back to Kunming via Hong He and Yuanjiang.
12:30 – lunch along the way
16:30 – Arrive in Kunming
17:00 – check-in hotel
18:30 – dinner in Kunming (on your own)
19:30 – free & easy

28th Feb (Day 6)

6:30 wake-up call
7:00 – breakfast
8:00 – visit Green Lake Park (the largest public park in Kunming) to witness the morning activities
10:00 – walk around Kunming city
12:00 – early lunch (on your own)
13:00 – depart for airport.

If you are interested, please email for further details: [email protected] 


Minority tribes in the Red River County

Come and join us for a photosafari trip to the Red River County, Yunnan, China. This place is out of the tourist map but…

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