Guerrilla Photography Exhibition is back at Avenue K from 12-25th Oct 2015


Malaysia Guerrilla Photography Exhibition is back at Avenue K

Spanish Steps, Level 3 @Avenue K

from 12-25th Oct 2015 organised By and Racing Creatures.

Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur – Avenue K is proud to present once again the Guerrilla Photography
Exhibition 2015. Avenue K is the official venue sponsor for Malaysia Guerrilla Photography
Exhibiton for the second time. The freestyle photography exhibition will be held at the Spanish
Steps, Avenue K level 3 from 12 – 25 October 2015.

The Organizers, Photo Safari Malaysia and Racing Creatures with the support of Avenue K,
recognized the need for a venue to allow individuals, amateurs as well as professional to
showcase their artistic expressions through the lens. What better avenue than an exhibition
space at the iconic Spanish Steps of Avenue K to celebrate life through the lens by some of our
local and regional photographers.
Ms Sue Wang, General Manager, Avenue K, says: “Following our successful partnership with
Photo Safari three years ago which a drew huge amount of traffic to the mall, Avenue K is
honored to be the venue host this year again for this photography exhibition. What’s more
exciting this year is all the photographs will be displayed creatively at the iconic Spanish Steps on
level 3 of the mall. The freestyle photographs take the audience behind the lens of top local and
regional photographers, showcasing the captured moments of their experiences, bringing to them
a sense of emotional connection through the powerful imagery. It is our hope to see shoppers
take their time to also enjoy the creative photography.”

The appeal of the Guerilla Photography exhibition is within its freestyle format whereby there are
no curators involved in curating the exhibits. This will allow for the photographers themselves to
present the story and engage the viewing public. Each Exhibitor has to curate his/her own photos
to be exhibited. By not having curators to curate the exhibition, this freestyle photography
exhibition is considered a visual democracy akin to free speech. Every Exhibitor is given the right
to choose whatever they want their viewers to see.
Nowadays, with the advance of the digital age, it has created so many photographers. Digital
cameras are now within the reach of the masses. Most photographers would just shoot, save
their images on hard drives, process some low-resolution images to be shared on the internet.
There are however very few avenues to showcase their works in prints. It is a totally new
experience to take the images out of the computer into a physical print form
Avenue K and the organizers hope this exhibition will be the basis of a youth photography
development program that the Guerrilla Photography committee has in progress as well as
allowing some of the Malaysian photographers to share their knowledge and experience with their
collegues and the public.
Admission to the public is FREE!

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