PMPE – Tibet PhotoSafari from 24th May to 5th Jun 2013

This is a Photosafari with a difference. Most people are accustomed to flying directly to Tibet or taking the train from Xining to Lhasa. Now, will take you on a road trip from Xining to Lhasa. The photography experience is the journey itself. We will be traversing the breathtaking landscapes of Tibet and the Himalayas, and we will see the Tibet that most tourists have never seen. And unlike a tourist bus that will stop at predictable places where zillions of tourists have been to, this PhotoSafari will take you to places where only photographers will love. This is because our PhotoSafaris are arranged by photographers for photographers. Each PhotoSafari Experience is different.

We will be chartering a comfortable tourist bus for this journey. We’ll be stopping at places of photographic interest as and when we choose. We’ll be engaging the local people we meet along the way to understand their culture and concerns, and we’ll share our own culture experiences, and we’ll will do a bit of charity as well, by distributing gifts from Malaysia to them. We’ll also bring a small portable printer to print instant photos for the people we meet.

The slow ascent to Lhasa will help members acclimatize to the high altitudes of Tibet.

Over the last four years has organized numerous photography trips to exotic locations, and our Tibetan PhotoSafari will be one of the highlights for this this year.

Tibet and the Himalayas are among the places that most of us have promised ourselves to go to before we die. This is an opportunity that rarely comes our way. Come and join us on another photography discovery journey that many people only dream about. Here’s the route and the program:-


24th May  Arrival to Chengdu(no meals).

Check-in Hotel

Free and easy

No meals provided

25th May Chengdu-Xining (B,L)

Fly Chengdu-Xining(1 hour and 40 minutes),

Check-in Hotel in Xining

Visit the Dongguan Mosque, the biggest mosque in Qinghai province, built in 1380s in the Ming Dynasty.

At night visit the night market in Daxing Street.

26th May Xining-Qinghai Lake-Tianjun grassland-Chaka (B,L, 400 km)

From Xining, board a chartered Tourist Bus for the drive to Lhasa.

Visit Qinghai Lake, the biggest inland salt water lake in China.

Visit Chaka County. It lies by the Chaka salt lake. The Salt is a geological structure formed 130,000 years ago, and the crystal salt seam here is about 10 meters thick.

Check-in at Hotel in Chaka.

27th May Chaka-Geermu (B,L, 540km)

Drive to Geermu, the second largest city in Qinghai province. In the Mongolian language, Geermu means where rivers meet. Geermu lies at the foot of the Kunlun Mountains. It is the northern terminal of the Qing-Zang Road.

Drive out of Geermu to take photos of the diversifolious poplar trees.

Check-in at Hotel in Geermu

28th May Germu-Kunlun Mountain Pass-Tuotuohe town (B,L, 480kms)

Drive to the south to Tuotuohe, and on the way have lunch in Xidatan.

After lunch we will drive to the Kunlun Mountain pass which is at 4767 meters high. To the south of it is the well-known Kekexili Tibetan antelope state protection Area. We will spend the night in Tuotuohe at an altitude of 4200 meters, which is the  lowest in this area. This is part of the acclimatization process. There is only one place to stay here, and it has very simple dormitory style accommodation facilities. Tuotuo is a Military Station and the accommodation and food facilities are basic, so it would be wise to bring along a couple of cans of corned beef, sardines, rendang or Maggie mee for those who have special tastes.

Check-in at Hotel in Tuotuo.

29th May Tuotuohe town-Anduo-Naqu (B,L, 490kms)

To the south of Tuotuohe riveraround 165 km awayis the Tang Gula Mountain Pass. It is 5200 meters high and one of the higest motorable passes in the world. The scenery is  spectacular and literally breathtaking. Take photos of exquisite snow capped Himalayan mountains here. We’ll then drive towards the border of Qinghai and Tibet and enter the northern Tibet Grasslands, passing the  Tibetan town of  Anduo. We will arrive at Naqu in late evening. Naqu is the biggest city in northern Tibet.

Check-in at Hotel in Napu.

30th May Naqu-Dangxiong via Namuco Lake (B,L, 360kms)

Today we’ll drive to  Namco Lake, considered to be a very holy lake by Tibetans. We’ll then shoot exquisite Landscape photography around Namco Lake. Dont forget to bring along your GND Filters and a Tripod. We’ll show you how the proes take those  fabulous landscape shots which they  proudly  display on their websites.

After lunch drive to Dangxiong County.

Check-in at Hotel in Dangxiong

31st May Dangxiong-Lhasa via Yangbajing (B,L, 260kms)

Drive to Yangbajing, where there is a geothermal power station (the highest in the world). Here the hot springs on the frozen plateau provides additional spectacular opportunities for landscape photography.. Geysers are also common here.

Onward travel to Lhasathe capital of Tibet.

Check-in Hotel in Lhasa

1st June Lhasa (B,L)

Drive out of Lhasa to Dazi county to see the Gandan Monasterybuilt by Tsongkhapathe founder of Gelug (yellow hat) Tibetan Buddhism. Gandan Monastery is the ancestral temple of Gelug. It is located in a beautiful and tranquil Himalayan basin surrounded by snow capped mountains.

Those who are interested can do some trekking up the mountain, from where you can shoot the Lhasa River valley.

On the way back we will visit Dazi, a local County Town. From here you  can shoot photos of Putala Palace reflected in the Lhasa River.

Stay at Hotel in Lhasa

2nd June Lhasa (B,L)

Today we’ll visit the Long Wang Tan (Dragon King Pool) Park in the morning. We’ll shoot local people doing morning exercises or praying here. Then we will visit the Qusang Nunnery. In 2008 some nuns immolated themselves here, making this  place well-known throughout the world. If we have time we will visit the Niangre Tibetan culture village. It is a combination of Tibetan culture-Tibetan houses. Buddhists will have an opportunity not only to pray to the Buddha here, but  all can also sample the music and dance shows, the local opera+mask,etc

Stay at Hotel in Lhasa

3rd June Lhasa (B,free day)

Today is a free and easy day. You can visit some tourist sites in Lhasa like the Putala Palace, Drokhang Monastery, Baktor and the Lhasa town. You can also do your shopping for souvenirs today. Lhasa is a small place and most places can be accessed on foot.

Stay at Hotel in Lhasa

4th June Lhasa-Chengdu (B)

Transfer for flight Lhasa to Chengdu.

Check-in Chengdu Hotel

Free and Easy

5th June – Chengdu to KL (B)

Transfer to Airport for flight back to KL

If you are interested in this photosafari and would like to know more about the pricing or reserve your place, please email to : [email protected]

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