PMPE – Nepal Photosafari from 14th to 27th March 2012


This photography trip to Nepal consists of visiting some places of interest in Kathmandu like Thamel Bazaar, Bodhnath Stupa, Kathmandu Durbar Square, other places of interest and trekking up to Manang and back.  Last year we trekked up the Annapurna trek from Nayapul to Gorepani/Poon Hill and Grandruk. The oldest participant was a 68 years old gentleman.

This year we will be trekking to Manang. Manang is a highland town on the rain shadow side of the Himalayan Mountains. A friend of ours is from Manang and we will be visiting his village. He will be guiding us during this trip. We will be visiting a lot of villages and stopping overnight at some of lodging houses along the trek to Manang. The villages are generally larger that the villages around the Gorepani/Poon Hill trek.

Nepal has one of the best trekking experiences in the world. We will be walking along treks that are used by the Nepalese daily. These treks were generally laid with stone paving and proper stones steps were constructed where there was a steep incline. Villages and small settlements are scattered along the trek. Most of these villages or settlements are located about an hour’s trek apart.

This will be a relaxing trek tailored basically for photographers. We will be trekking at a leisurely pace. There is ample time to stop along the way to take pictures and have a cuppa of masala tea. The landscape along the trek is stunning. For those who love to photograph human interest there is no shortage of subjects.

Every able body person should be able to make this trip. A month’s training on walking up stairs of multi-storey buildings and leisure walk in the park should be able to prepare you for this trip.  Most of us lost at least 5kg and felt very much lighter/healthier after last year’s trip. This is a chance to burn off all those fat that has been accumulated in our bodies all these years. So why don’t you join us for this trip.

Most of us will be flying into Kathmandu from Kuala Lumpur via Bangkok by Thai Airways. Nepal Air flies directly from KL to Kathmandu but for comfort we do not recommend that you take this airline.

For more details and booking, please email: [email protected]


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