PMPE – Bromo PhotoSafari from 15th to 17th September 2012

Bromo is one of the most charming places in Java. The Bromo-Tengger National Park-Semeru, the only conservation area in Indonesia, which have the unique form of sea sand area of ​​5250 hectare is located at an altitude of ± 2100 meters from sea level.


The sunrise scenes from the top of Pananjakan, is perhaps one of the best in Indonesia.

Mount Batok, Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru are often regarded as the roof of Java, Mount Semeru is the highest mountain in Java. The morning fog which wanders at the foot of Bromo-Semeru adds effects of allure and mystery to landscape.


You will meet the Tengger tribe, estimated population 600.000. Experience for yourself the strong tradition of the Tengger culture.


The Tenggerese are basically either agriculturalists or nomadic herders. The agriculturalists generally live on the lower altitudes, while the nomads live on the higher altitudes, riding on small horses.

The main festival of the Tenggerese is the Yadnya Kasada, which lasts about a month. On the fourteenth day of the Kasada, the Tenggerese go to Poten Bromo and ask for blessing from the main deity Hyang Widi Wasa and the God of the Mountain (Mount Semeru) by presenting annual offerings of rice, fruit, vegetables, flowers, livestock and other local produce. They will also see the examination of the medicine men memorizing prayers. The medicine man who passes the exam is chosen to be spiritual leader of Tengger tribe. This festival is usually held each year in Dec/Jan at full moon.


Day 1 – 15th Sept.

(Flight to Surabaya – AK 1392 – arriving 08.25)


09:00  Departure to Bromo with Minibus to Bromo

12:00  Lunch at Rawon Nguling Restaurants Probolinggo

15:00  Arrive at Bromo and Check in

16:00  Taking Photo Human interest at Tengger Hill and Sunset

19:00  Dinner

20:00  Take a rest


Day 2 – 16th Sept.


04:00 Departure from Hotel to Pananjakan Mount with Jeep

08:00 Kawah Bromo Photo Session

09:30 Back to the Hotel, Breakfast

12:00 Lunch

16:00 Taking Photo Human interest at Petingen and Sunset

19:00 Dinner

20:00 Startrail Photo Session (Optional)


Day 3 – 17th Sept.


05:00 Departure from Hotel to Savana

06:00 Taking Photo at Savana Bromo

07:00 Taking Photo at Pasir Berbisik

08:30 Breakfast and Check out

09:00 Going to Surabaya

12:00 Lunch at Surabaya

13:30 Transfer Out Airport


Flight from Surabaya to Kuala Lumpur (QZ 7651 – departing 15.10)




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