First Guerrilla Photography Exhibition in Malaysia, jointly organised by PhotoSafari, from 11th Aug. to 15th Sept.

First Guerrilla Photography Exhibition in Malaysia

Jointly Organised by Photomalaysia and Photosafari


What is a Guerrilla Photography Exhibition?

A Guerrilla Photography Exhibition is a freestyle exhibition. There are no Curators involve in curating the exhibits from the Organisers. The Organisers will only provide an exhibition space and guidelines for the Exhibitors to exhibit their work. Each Exhibitor has to curate his/her own photos to be exhibited. By not having Curators to curate the exhibition, this freestyle exhibition is considered as a visual democracy akin to free speech. Every Exhibitor is given the right to choose whatever they want their viewers to see.

Why is there a need for this style of exhibition?

Nowadays, with the advance of the digital age, it has created so many photographers. Digital cameras are now within the reach of the masses. Most photographers would just shoot, save their images on hard drives, process some low resolution images to be shared on the internet.

There are however very few avenues to showcase their works in prints. It is a total new experience to take the images out of the computer into a physical print form.

The Organisers recognised the need for a venue to allow individuals to showcase their artistic expressions through the lens. What better avenue than an exhibition space at the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Where is the location?

The First Guerrilla Photography Exhibition in Malaysia is to be to be held at Avenue K. Avenue K is situated in a premier commercial location just across the road from the most recognisable iconic building in Malaysia, the Twin Towers of KLCC. The LRT (Light Rail Transit) Station is just two floors below the exhibition venue. You cannot get a better venue to express your artistic works for FREE.

When is it?

The Guerrilla Photography Exhibition is to be held from the 11th August to 15th September 2012. There will be four change overs during this period ie. We will have four sets of Exhibitors during this period.

The first period is from 11th to 26th August

The second period is from 27th August to 1st September

The third period is from 2nd to 7th September

The fourth and last period is from 8th to 15th September

Guidelines and briefing

  1. Number of boards available for the exhibition is 50 boards (4ft wide by 8 ft high each)
  2. Each Individual Exhibitor will be allocated 2 boards (8ft wide by 8ft high)
  3. Group Exhibitors will be given more space according to their requirements
  4. The minimum size of the printed photos is A4 or 8R. There is no limit in size for large prints. Anyone intending to exhibit prints smaller than the minimum size can do a collage that is at least 3ft x 3ft. or 1m. x 1m.
  5. Exhibitors will have to curate their own photos. The organisers will not provide any curating services for your exhibition.
  6. Exhibitors can exhibit photos of any photography genre. However, it would give more impact to the viewer if the exhibits subscribe to a certain theme.
  7. The Organisers, in view of the sensitivity on certain issues in this multi-cultural country, have agreed to PROHIBIT the display of photos that are:-
    • On nudity
    • On political sensitive issues
    • Any other photos that are deemed to be sensitive or objectionable for any reason whatsoever.
    • The decision of the Organisers is final
      1. Exhibitors can exhibit about 10 nos. A4 size photos within the 8ft space allocated. We let you be the judge.
      2. Every Exhibitor has to print his/her own photos and he/she has to physically be there to put it up. The cost of all prints and exhibition materials will be borne by the Exhibitors.
      3. All photos are to be mounted onto the board with “blu tack” only. This will be provided by Schmidt Marketing. You can get it from Schmidt Marketing’s showroom.
      4. Do not write or disfigure the boards. If you need to write, please stick a piece of blank paper (maybe A3 or A2 size onto the board for viewers to comment, etc.)
      5. Each Exhibitor has to print his name clearly and paste it within the boards allocated.
      6. Each Exhibitor may decorate his/her own boards to increase awareness and draw viewers to their displays.
      7. This is a rotating exhibition. Each set of exhibits will be on the board according to the exhibition schedule.
      8. Each set of exhibits will start as per schedule. A “the tarik” session will be held at 4pm during the rotation of exhibits. This “teh tarik” session will be sponsored by our sponsors.
      9. You are free to invite your family, friends and guests to come for the “the tarik” session.
      10. All Exhibitors will be given a scheduled time slot to display his/her pictures. At the end of the schedule time slot he/she has to take down his/her prints and another Exhibitor takes over the space.
      11. We will have a Grand “Guerrilla Assault” session where we will invite all Exhibitors, friends, guests and members of PhotoMalaysia, Photosafari etc to come for this grand gathering. The date will be on the 8th September 2012.
      12. Organisers for this Exhibition is a joint effort by and
      13. Exhibitors please be prepared that your photos maybe stolen, torn, abuse, etc during the course of the exhibition. The Organisers will not be anyway responsible for the safety of your prints on display.
      14. All Exhibitors has to sign an agreement to the terms and conditions of the exhibition before putting up his/her exhibits.


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