PhotoSafari Trips for 2013


We are now planning for next year’s schedule of photosafari trips. If you are interested in some of the trips you can email us [email protected] so that we can put you on the mailing list and will inform you once the trips are confirmed. Here is a short description on what to expect from each of these photosafari trips.


Coffee and Food trip to Penang

This is a short 3 days and 2 nights self drive outing to Penang for photography, food and coffee. This trip is reserved for PMPE Alumni members only.

PMPE – Medan photosafari

This is a 4days and 3nights trip to neighbouring Medan, Indonesia. It will be a photo hunting trip to picturesque scenes and village life around Lake Toba. The itinerary for this trip is put together by our Indonesian photographer friend who stays in Medan. He has substantial local knowledge of the photographic locations around Lake Toba.


PMPE – Nepal photosafari

This year we will be doing a 10days and 9nights photography cum trekking trip to Namche Bazaar and Syangboche. From Katmandu we will take a domestic flight to Lukla and from there we will be going on a 6days trek to Namche Bazaar. Mt Everest can be viewed from Syangboche.

PMPE – Pacu Jawi, in Padang, Indonesia

This is a 3days and 2 nights trip to Padang Indonesia. There will be some human interest and landscape shooting. However, the main highlight is the adrenalin rush Bull Run or Pacu Jawi as it is called in Indonesia. Usually after harvesting season, Farmers who have extra bulls or Breeders would show case their bulls for sale. The bulls are grouped into various pens, one as a holding pen for bulls waiting for the race, one for cleaning up the bulls after the race and one for display of the bulls and prospective buyers would gather and negotiate the price of the bulls. The sellers would pay professional jockeys to ride their bulls on a flood rice field. The buyers would gather to judge for themselves the bulls that they would want to buy. The jockeys do not wear any safety gears and they step dangerously onto a yolk harness made of bamboo and wood. To increase the speed of the particular slow bull, the jockeys would bite on its tail to speed it up. Photographers will usually gather at the finishing line or on any bunds surrounding the racing field. The path of the racing bulls is unpredictable…and hence the adrenalin rushes to get out of its way. Photographers who have attended this Bull Run will usually come back for more.

PMPE – Mt Bromo and the Sulphur Mines, Indonesia

This is a 4days and 3nights trip to an active volcano – Mt. Bromo in Indonesia. We have visited this place in September 2012 and the scenery around this place was awesome. This coming year we will add a short trip to the sulphur mines at Ijen.

PMPE – Tibet photosafari

This is a Tibet photosafari with a difference. It is a 10days and 9nights trip to Tibet. The journey starts from Chengdu. From Chengdu we will fly to Xining. We will charter a bus from Xining and drive all the way to Lhasa. We will stop at local villages and towns along the way for photography and experience the local culture. This trip is about the journey and not the destination. From Lhasa we will fly back to Chengdu. This trip is tailored to minimise the altitude sickness one may encounter  if one were to fly straight to Lhasa.

Photosafari International Meet

This is going to be an annual event where we invite participants from neighbouring countries like Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam to join us on a photography trip. This is to promote friendship and exchange photography techniques. Each participating country will take their turn to play host. This year, Photosafari will be the organiser for this inaugural event. This is a 4days and 3nights trip to Semporna and the surrounding islands. There is only limited places and preference will be given to PMPE Alumni members.

PMPE – India photosafari

This coming year we intend to visit Rajasthan and Jaipur. The itinerary has yet to be finalised.

PMPE –  Cebu photosafari

We have visited Cebu in 2010 and 2011. This coming year we intend to visit Cebu and Malapasqua Island again. We have a good number of photographer friends who reside in Cebu and also a PMPE Alimni member who is the owner of a diving resort on Malapasqua Island.

PMPE – Ethopia and Masai Mara photosafari

We have been planning for some years to organise a true animal photosafari. This coming year we will be organising a trip to Ethopia and the Masai Mara to follow the migration of the wildebeest. This is going to be a 14 to 18 days trip. We are now finalising the itinerary and costing with our friends in Ethopia.

PMPE – Mongolia Photosafari

This is an autumn trip to Mongolia. It will be a 9days and 8nights trip. We will be flying to Beijing and from Beijing to Ulaanbataar.  The autumn scenes at the national parks are breath taking. As usual we will be chartering a bus to bring us around Mongolia.

PMPE – Sri Lanka photosafari

We have visited Sri Lanka in 2012 and have made a lot of local photographer friends. Some of them have already visited Malaysia during the Crossing Bridges event. Sri Lanka has lots of photographic opportunities. This coming year we will be organising another trip to Sri Lanka for those who have missed our last trip.


This is only a proposed list of photosafari trips. However, we may add a couple more trips when we find an irresistible opportunity for good pictures.




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