Baliem Valley Festival, Indonesia from 7-11th August 2018


Come and explore the last frontier of Indonesia’s remote Papua Island and its indigenous tribes.  The main tribes inhabiting this beautiful Baliem Valley are Dani, Yali, and Lani. The Dani tribe still adheres to their old dressings, traditions and customs.

Even in this cool mountain climate, Dani men wear only a penis gourd, known as koteka, though complemented with elaborate headdress of feathers from the bird of paradise or cassowary feathers. While the women wear grass or fern fibre skirts (sali or saly) slung around the waist. They use a string bag called “noken” strapped to their forehead to carry pigs, sweet potatoes and anything that needs to be carried.

The Main Destinations

  • Baliem Valley Festival

More than a thousand (local Tribes) participants take part in this annual festival.

  • Lake Habema

Lake Habema is a lake located in the complex of Yuginopa Jayawijaya Mountains.

  • Village Tour

The Dani at the base of the mountains, the Lani to the west and the Yali in the southeast. Each tribe has their own unique culture and traditions

Conditions in the Field

Sentani and Wamena towns are small towns and do not have many accommodation options, especially during the peak season when the Baliem festival is held.

That is why we need to have confirmations by the mid-April 2018

Accommodation standards

    1. Only standard no star Hotels are available but it is clean and comfortable place for a good night’s rest
    2. There are limited rooms in Wamena and it is usually fully booked. Participants are encouraged to share rooms.
    3. Toilet conditions along the way to Festival and in the traditional villages are very basic. it is hard to find clean toilets. We suggest that Ladies should bring tissues and wet wipes
    4. Tourist sites and the main event are subject to good weather conditions. This is a risk that all participants must be aware of.
    5. You are free to roam the areas where the festival takes place.
    6. You are responsible for your own camera equipment and other valuables. Please beware of pick-pockets and thieves.

How to get to Baliem Valley?

You need to take a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta and from Jakarta to Jayapura Airport. The cheapest flight that was found is by AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta and by Garuda Airlines from Jakarta to Jayapura.

Return flights from Jayapura to Wamena are included in this package.

AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta


Garuda Flight from Jakarta to Jayapura

The above is recommended flight schedules from Kuala Lumpur to Jayapura Airport.

Difficulty of Trip

Physically this trip is not very demanding but the accommodation and sanitary standards are below par. However, for those who like the challenges of this trip, you will be rewarded. I would rate the difficulty of this trip as Moderate.


Day 1 – 7th August (L,D)

      • Flight from Jayapura to Wamena
      • Check in hotel
      • Breakfast on your own
      • Go to Baliem Resort for sunset

Day 2 – 8th August (B,L,D)

      • Breakfast at Hotel
      • Lake Habema (3-4 Hours).
      • Batas Batu and waterfall if time permits

Day 3 – 9th August (B,L,D)

      • Breakfast at Hotel
      • Obia, traditional village to shoot traditional dance, traditional fire making and other customs

Day 4 – 10th August (B,L,D)

      • Breakfast at hotel
      • Go to Baliem Festival
      • Whole day at Festival

Day 5 – 11th August (B)

      • Early breakfast
      • Check-out hotel
      • Transfer to Airport for 6am flight to Jayapura.

If you are interested in this trip, please email: [email protected] for reservation and further details.

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