World Press Photo has disqualified one of the winners on photo manipulation

This year World Press Photo has for the first time disqualified one of the winners due to photo manipulation.

World Press Photo has disqualified one of the winners of this year’s contest after concluding that the photographer digitally manipulated his work. The disqualified entry “Street fighting, Kiev, Ukraine”, shot by Stepan Rudik for the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, had won 3rd prize in Sports Features.




According to the British Journal of Photography, the manipulation involved removing the foot of one of the subjects in a photo.



It wasn’t the crop, nor the post-processing, that caused the photograph to be disqualified, but the removal of the portion of the foot that is visible between the thumb and fingers of the hand being bandaged. We’ve cropped it ourselves here.

Participants are also required to submit RAW files if the picture is a suspect.

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