PMPE-Leica Photo Competition 2011

The Participants

The Prize

I am proud to say that 6 people submitted a total of about 60 exquisite pictures shot during the recent Leica PMPE in Cambodia for this competition. Many of these were shot with the Leicas that Schmidt brought along for participants to try out. In fact one of the participant was so smitten with the M9 that she has “married” an M9 and changed her PM nick to reflect the new love in her life.

The panel of jurors at Schmidt are going to have a hard time to pick a winner from among the 60 photos. In fact, the photos are of such a high standard that I’ve compiled them into a SLIDESHOW which I’ve uploaded into YouTube for the judges at Schmidt to use to select the lucky winner of the Leica camera Schmidt Marketing have sponsored.

In order for all PM members to enjoy the photos, I’ve uploaded the slideshow of about 60 photos into Youtube, PM Members can access this private Youtube video by clicking on the composite picture of the contenders below, in the viewfinder of this very valuable Leica Camera which one of them is going to win. In order to have a fair judging by the Schmidt panel of jurors, none of the photos have any indication of who shot them.

I’ve also picked at random some of the photos from the slideshow of 60 pictures to show you the high standard of the entries. Please click on this link to view the YouTube slideshow in its totality.

Sunset at Phomn Penh

The monks at Siem Reap

Monks life in triptch

Children at play

A boat ride

Silhouette - going home

Waiting for alms

A relic in Angkor Wat

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