Leica Camera AG takes over Sinar



Leica takes over large format manufacturer Sinar. Leica initiated the first step way back in 2006 and now it has taken over the whole company. The question in every Leica fan’s mind is what is Leica going to do with Sinar. Is there going to be a large format digital offering from Leica-Sinar? Do keep watch on this latest development.

Here is the press release:

On Monday (November 25, 2013) Leica Camera AG has finalized the takeover (in German) of the Swiss professional camera manufacturer Sinar Photography AG, Zurich, the Swiss manufacturer of view cameras. Both companies have agreed that the details of the transaction will not be disclosed. Sinar Photography AG is the leading manufacturer of equipment for professional view camera photography and the only provider in this segment to offer complete digital solutions for view camera photographers. The Sinar product portfolio offers everything from cameras and lenses to digital backs, shutter systems and workflow software. Marketing, product management, support, development and production will remain in the hands of Sinar in Switzerland. Sales and distribution of the product portfolio will be handled by Leica Camera AG and the worldwide dealer network of Sinar Photography AG.

With this takeover, Leica Camera AG completes the company’s portfolio in the high-end digital camera segment and further expands its position in the market for professional photographic equipment. With the Leica S-System, Leica offers a high-mobility, integrated, medium-format digital camera system that is completely in line with the company’s long-standing brand philosophy. This system is now ideally complemented by the modular Sinar system and its particular suitability for studio, industrial and architectural photography. Synergies will also develop in the fields of digital technology, sales and distribution and in customer care.

Leica now possesses a complete product portfolio from a medium format digital camera system to digital view cameras and, as a result of the takeover, is now the only full range provider of digital camera systems in formats larger than the 35 mm Leica full-frame format. Both brands are renowned for their highest quality standards and decades of commitment to the needs of professional photographers and the creation of the best possible images.

Note: This isn’t the first time Leica attempted to acquire Sinar Photography AG. At Photokina 2006, Leica had announced that it had purchased a 51% controlling share, only to have the deal fall through three months later. Seven years later now, Leica has finally succeeded. In the meantime, four years ago – you may recall that Sinar found itself in hot water after Franke & Heidecke GmbH, Feinmechanik & Optik (a.k.a. Rollei) based in Braunschweig, Germany, filed for bankruptcy… Killing off its line of 6×6 cameras such as the Rollieflex but especially the Hy6.

About Sinar Photography

The company, headquartered in Zurich goes back to the photo studio of the Swiss photographer Carl August Koch. The grandson of Carl Hans Koch developed the first Sinar camera that was brought to market in 1948. Due to their precise processing and its original concept with modular and standardized design, they could quickly conquer the leading photo studios worldwide. The name “Sinar” stands for studio, industrial, nature, architecture and repro photography.

About Leica Camera

Leica Camera AG is an international manufacturer of premium cameras and sport optics products. The foundation for the myth of the Leica brand have laid the optics of the traditional company. In conjunction with innovative technologies, they provide up today for better images in all situations around seeing and perceiving. The headquarters of Leica Camera AG, Solms is located in Hesse, the second production site in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal. The company has its own offices in England, France, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, South Korea, Italy, Australia and the USA. New, innovative products have driven the positive development of the company in the recent past.



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