PhotoSafari to Iceland South Sector 23-31 Mar 2015, and the West & North Sector 2-10 April, 2015

You are cordially invited to join us in our amazing  Photosafari to  Iceland. There will be two independent and separate sectors, a South Sector PhotoSafari, from 22-30 Mar 2015, and the West & North Sector PhotoSafari from  1-9 April, 2015.

The detailed routes and day to day itinerary are all in the Information Pack below. If you prefer a higher res copy in PDF Format, click HERE to download, or click on the  first photo below. The photos may appear pixelated on the Google Drive viewer. We suggest you download the Information pack by clicking the download icon om the left of the Google Drive viewer page.

The reason there are two sectors is because we are limiting the number of participants to not more than 15 in each sector. At time of writing this, the South sector is almost full already with Early Bird bookings with deposits paid.  So for those who miss the cut, they  will be offered a place in the  West and North Coast PhotoSafari, which is no less magnificent than the South. Each PhotoSafari is deliberately kept to  9 days primarily to cater for those who cannot be away for too long.  For those  who do the South Sector PhotoSafari, the North and West Sector, which will run consecutively to the South Sector, is  being offered at a very substantial discount.

We reproduce below, screen captures of  our Information Pack in its entirety. If you want a PDF copy for taking with you to Iceland for reference, or to better appreciate the  beautiful photos shot by our professional photographer guide in Iceland, simply download a copy of the Information Pack by clicking on the image below. For any inquiries please send an email to [email protected]

Bookings will close as soon as a maximum 15 persons per sector confirm participation. There are substantial discounts available if you confirm your booking before 7th August. Email us for details.

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