A Wet Darkroom Initiative come Sept 2009

PhotoSafari has started a wet darkroom initiative with Shriro, the Supplier of Ilford products and Photo Media. An arrangment has been made where we will conduct B&W classes from film developing, enlarging, printing and alternative printing process. Shriro will endeavour to supply the darkroom with most of their B&W products. Photo Media will provide the space to be converted to a darkroom for rent to the enthusiast.

Ilford is one of  the last man standing in the shrinking world of traditional B&W medium. They have undergone a “chapter 11” and have emerged stronger and more focused.

Photo Media is located in SS2, Petaling Jaya. It is owned by Mr. Ng, a very experience and respected Photo Printer himself.

enlarger and vertical paper processor

enlarger and vertical paper processor



There will be 2 rooms with a total of 5 enlargers (ranging from 35mm to 4″x5″ negatives). The wet area is adjacent to the darkroom for developing and drying. There will also be a lounge for members to hang around and discuss about photography and anything under the sun.

So for those who wants to get their hands dirty with the wet process, please be patient. Come September, this dream will be a reality.

We are going to promote this traditional medium as a craft….a craft that you will be proud to display in your living room, give to friends, participate in exhibitions or perhaps sell your craft to those discerning collectors.

Another new development that merges the digital files from DSLRs with traditional B&W printing has emerged. This convergence technique promises to merge the line between analogue and digital. It opens the door to alternative printing process that was previously unavailable.


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