A traditional wedding of the Hani Minority Tribe, Honghe County, Yunnan

Our photosafari trip to the Honghe County in 2016 was to capture the colourful hill rice terraces in March just before the rice planting.

On the second day of our trip, we stopped by a small village for dinner. The owner of the restaurant was very friendly. After he heard that we came from Malaysia, Singapore, England, and Netherlands, he invited us to attend his son’s wedding the very next day.

He was a Han Chinese from Kunming while the bride was a Hani minority tribe. The wedding was a traditional Hani style of wedding with elements of the Han Chinese traditions. We looked forward to the wedding ceremony the next day.

At around noon the next day, we went to the wedding reception. It was really an unforgettable experience. Nearly the whole village was invited and everyone turned up in their finest traditional Hani costumes.

We took some photos of the bridal car and went straight to the wedding reception which was held at the community hall. There were easily 4-500 people in attendance.

The bridal car
The celebration started with wine in a bowl. That’s before the dishes were served. The whole Hani village was in attendance.
Our representative, Wil was the first to be invited to join this table with the locals.
The women and children sat at a different table from the men.
The men’s table. There were drinking and more drinking.
The food was really good. It was their traditional Hani style of cooking
The children were having fun
The food were stacked one on top of the other.
The bride and groom was introduced to the crowd and wedding games were played on stage
The groom had to piggy back his bride around the community hall
The women folk broke out to an impromptu dance
The cleaning up
A group photo of our participants.

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