1st Guerrilla Photography Exhibition in Malaysia – 1st Opening Reception and Teh Tarik Session on 11th August 2012

On behalf of the Organising Committee, I am pleased to invite all PhotoMalaysia members to the 1st Opening Reception and teh tarik session.

Come and meet the Guerrilla Exhibitors in person and get to know their works. This is a very good chance to mingle with photographers from other countries. We have participants from East and West Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Scotland, Nigeria, etc. See how each and every photographers opinion of the world we live in.

It’s FREE. Bring your family and friends along.

Our apologies to our Muslim friend’s who are fasting. There will be more TT’s at the changeover on the 27th Auguat, 2nd and 8th September.

The easiest way to come to Avenue K is to take the LRT to KLCC STATION. The exhibition venue is only 2 flights of stairs above the station.

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