PMPE Stage 1 – Two Days Photography Workshop on 7 – 8th March 2015


View of Mt Everest and the Khumbu Valley

Yusuf Hashim and Maxby Chan will be conducting another Photography Workshop, at the Subang Golf Club, on the weekend of  7th and 8th March, 2015. This will be their 17th Photography Workshop since 2008, which to date has benefitted more than 600 participants

Although this workshop is targeted at beginners and intermediate amateurs, it will also be  useful to photographers who have expensive photography equipment, but have never had any formal training in  Composition, Colour Theory,  Frame Dynamics, Secrets of Black and White Photography, Street Shooting, Travel Photography, Landscape Photography, and Digital Photography workflows.

At the workshop, the single biggest secret of all good photographers will be revealed, and  you will also be given the PhotoSafari Recipe for Shooting  Good Photographs. In addition, there will also be lots of self-study videos and hand-outs given to you. Half the second day will be devoted to a simple Digital Photography Workflow where you will be shown how you can post process your digital images  into photos that that you can be proud of.

Originally designed to prepare newbies and amateurs, to bring them up to speed before they join Yusuf and Maxby on one of their Photosafari Experiences to exotic places worldwide, the PhotoSafari Workshop has continuously been fine tuned to become an excellent primer even for advanced amateurs.

This workshop is Part One of PhotoSafari’s Two-Parts Photography Training System. Part Two will be  Real Time personal coaching during a Photosafari at an exotic location worldwide, where the theories  explained and discussed at the workshop, will be reinforced 24/7 during shooting on location.

Previous PhotoSafaris

Since 2008,  Yusuf and Maxby have conducted more than 40 PhotoSafaris to exotic locations in Africa,  Bhutan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Cuba, China, Ethiopia, the Himalayas, India, Java, Kashmir, Nepal, the Old Silk Road, Philippines, Sumatra, Sri Lanka, South Korea, the Taklimakan Desert, Tibet, Vietnam and Xinjiang Uyghur.

2015 PhotoSafari Program

This year Yusuf and Maxby will be taking photographers on PhotoSafaris to  Iceland on 23-31 March  and 2-10 April (two more places left), to Morocco and the Sahara Desert on 7-17 May, to North Korea on 29 May to 7 June, to the Philippines on 1-4 August, to Iceland again  from 1-7 September, to Greenland from 9-16 September, to Bhutan from 26 Sep to 3rd October, and to Patagonia from 21 Nov to 5th December.

Workshop Participation Fee

Participation fee for the two days’ workshop, which includes lunch on both days, and snacks during tea breaks, is only RM700 per person.


Registration is now open. Send a message or email to: [email protected] to book your place for the Workshop. Include your full name, telephone, email address, to facilitate communications. Further details and how to pay will be provided by return email once your application is accepted..

Time and Place of  the Workshop

Date: Saturday 7th to Sunday 8th March 2015,

Place: at the Meeting Room, Subang Golf Club, Kelana Jaya,

Time: from : 8:00am to 5:00pm each day



Location Map of Subang Golf Club

 The Workshop Program


0800 – 0815 Pre-Flight Checks – Calibrating your Camera

0815 – 0830 How to clean your Camera Sensor

0830 – 0900 Recipe For Good Pictures

0900 – 1000 How to Shoot Good Pictures

1000 – 1015 TEA BREAK

1015 – 1115 The Exposure Triangle & How to Use your camera

1115 – 1230 How to Compose Pictures – Part 1

1230 – 1330 LUNCH

1330 – 1430 How to Compose Pictures – Part 2

1430 – 1530 How to Shoot Landscapes?

1530 – 1545 TEA BREAK

1545 – 17:00 How to Shoot “Street photography”?


0800 – 1000 How to shoot “Black and White photography”?

1000 – 1015 TEA BREAK

1015 – 1100 How to Shoot “Travel Photography”

1100 – 1230 How to Shoot Situations (Sunsets, Silhouettes, Sports, Panos, Fireworks, Panning, etc .)

1230 – 1330 LUNCH

1330 – 1530 Post processing – How to Use Bridge, Adobe Camera RAW, Lightroom, Photoshop, and two other Image Processors to make your photos stand out from the rest

1530 – 1545 TEA BREAK

1545 – 1645 Continue Post processing Workflow & How to Wow with Post Processing

1645 – 1730 Panel Q&A, photo critique

(Disclaimer: This program is subject to change without notice)

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