The Hidden Gems: iPhone Apps tools for landscape photographers

iPhone photography has come long way since the inception of the App store. Whenever I asked people what kind of Photography Apps do they have on their iPhone, the answer I would get would be instagram, Hipstamatic or Camera+. Rarely do they talks about Apps that helps you in the picture making process. Today I am going to share with you some amazing iPhone Apps that I find extremely useful over the years especially for landscape photography.

1. Pocket Light Meter, Free










Pocket Light Meter is an amazing app that is free! As the title suggest this is a light meter app that tells you what Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO you should set on your camera. This app is especially useful if you are using a Retro film camera that does not come equipped with a build-in light meter or just practicing the Sunny F-16 rule on the go. I did a comparison with my Sekonic L-758D Light meter and found that the Pocket Light Meter is pretty accurate with +- difference of one stop. This app almost replace my need to bring out my light meter or digital camera, unless I am taking Large Format pictures.

2.Photosynth, Free










The Photosynth App by Microsoft is clearly another awesome app that makes panorama pictures taking so easy! By relying on the iPhone’s sensors such as the gyroscope and accelerometer, one could build a panorama picture and upload to facebook for bragging rights within seconds. I love this app especially in situations when you wish that iPhone has a wide angle lens. YES! now you can take “wide angle” shots on the iPhone.

3.Sunseeker, $USD 4.99










The Sunseeker is really a hidden gem that was introduced to me by Vincent Lafored, at Canon booth, CES 2011. I have been loving this App ever since. This App basically tells you where the sun is and will be, sunset and sunrise time no matter where you are. By relying on the iPhone’s GPS to determine position, the app still works even in the most remote and exotic places such as the Himalayans. Every Photographers knows the important of light, what’s more the biggest light source known to man! With this app you would never miss the sunset or sunrise position and time. If you couldn’t afford the Sunseeker, there is a lite version that is free without the awesome augmented reality feature that is found only on the full version.

4.Star Walk, $USD 2.99







The Star Walk App is an must have App for anyone studying Astronomy or keen on Astrophotography such as Startrails. This App provides you the insight to what constellation you are looking at and how the universe is moving. To me this is really mind blowing as it reminded me how painful it was during those days when I had to determine the position such as the north star, moon using software on the PC such as Starry Night Pro or Stellarium before setting off to the remote location to take the picture. Now it could be done on the truly amazing iPhone! This app also provides the latest celestial events to update you on when the next lunar eclipse or meteor rain might be. For Android users, there is a free and equally awesome Google Skymap

Thanks for reading! If you do have any comments or any great apps that you feel I have left out, do reply on the comments below.

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