Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down


Photos and story by Maxby Chan

Do you keep your camera when it rains? That was the question that had been playing on my mind. Often people would ask me, is it the rainy season in that country we were supposed to visit? My response was why did you ask that question? Their answer mainly was that it is difficult to travel around, and there were not many scenes to shoot.

Is that true? When amateur photographer thinks of landscape photography, they are talking mostly about the beautiful colors of the sunrise and sunsets. How about instances where mother nature dishes out some threatening situations like a storm, heavy rain or even a tsunami? Aren’t that situation photographically unique and real?


We were on a photography trip to Siem Reap last weekend, and it was during the rainy season. We had one good day of sunset, but the rest of the afternoons were raining.

I must say I have some of the best inspirations taking the moments of the weather as it unfolded. There was an element of anticipation on when would the sun finally peek out of the clouds or when the rain would drop.

So when the next time it is raining, make it a challenge to grab some unique shots.




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