Komodo Village, Indonesia

Komodo Village or Desa Komodo as in Indonesian language is the only village on the Komodo Island. It has about 380 families consisting of about 1,350 inhabitants. Most people are originally from Bima (East Sumbawa), Selayar (South Sulawesi) and Manggarai (West Flores).

Here the people co-exist with the Komodo dragons side by side. Sometimes the hungry dragons would wonder into the village in search for food. There had been instances where the dragons made fatal attacks on the villagers. Most of the time the villages will try to frighten away the dragons.

The tombs have to have a concrete apron around it to prevent the komodo dragons digging up the grave and consume the dead.

The main occupation of the villagers is fishing. The fishermen would sell their catch at Flores and other surrounding towns. Tourism has played a part in providing some side income. Some of the villagers are craftsmen producing wooden handicrafts like komodo dragon souvenirs.

Although the Island has electricity and satellite TV, fresh water has to be brought in from other places. The villages used seawater for washing, bathing and general hygiene reserving the fresh water for human consumption.

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