Hacking your Canon Point and Shoot Camera

Ever wanted to create a time lapse scene, but didn’t want to bring along your Huge DSLR with Timer Remote Controller.
If you have a Canon consumer point and shoot camera, you have the ability to unlocked it full potential
and transform it into a Advanced-time lapse camera at the size of your pocket without blowing a huge hole in it.

This officially puts my 5D mark ii together with Canon Timer Remote Controller (TC80N3) to shame.

Equipment needed.

  • Canon Point and Shoot(P&S) camera (List of Model supported) Or do a search on Google “Canon modelno. + CDHK”
  • SD card less than 4gb in size (This is important, CHDK doesn’t work with Card size greater than 4gb)
  • CardTricks v1.44(or check to see if they have a later version)
  • Access to a window machine (sorry mac guys you might have to do it the manual way, )
  • Cardtricks instructions

    Cardtricks instructions

    Insert your SD card into your SD card reader.
    Note doesn’t work if you try to insert it to your camera
    Backup your SD card if there is anything in there.

      Unzipped CardTricks into C:\Cardtricks or whichever folder you prefer and run Cardtricks
      (1)Click on the SD card icon on
      (2)Click on format as fat
      (3)Click on Make Bootable
      (4)Click on Download CHDK and place the appropriate download zipped file in C:\Cardtricks
      (5)Click on CHDK->Card and navigate to C:\Cardtricks and select the download zipped file you just downloaded

    Next step download the scripts to run
    and place it in your SDcard/CHDK/SCRIPTS
    I have package some of my favorite scripts that I used so often, you can download them here. Make sure you unzipped the folder into you SDcard/CHDK/SCRIPTS

    Once that you are down with hacking your SD card, to enable CHDK in your camera, make sure you slide your SD card to lock and then slot that into your Canon P&S camera. Try pressing the review picture mode instead of the shoot mode on your camera. There should be a pop up screen.
    Press the shooting mode, you will see a couple of more complicated stats like, camera sensor temperature, time, battery percentage left.

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