Breaking the psychological barrier in Street Photography


You can’t take good street photos if you have that psychological barrier with your subjects. Most people starting street photography will face this barrier and it needs conscious effort to break it. Most beginners in street photography will feel shy and afraid of rejection when approaching strangers on the street. However, this fear can be overcome. One of the ways is to follow someone who has the experience of shooting street photos or the easier approach is to join one of the photosafari Stage II photo trips. We will make sure that you will overcome this psychological barrier.

To get good photos, you may need to get close to your subjects. You want to tell that story from your subjects’ perspective. That is what makes the photos interesting.

Modern education system is somewhat lacking in this aspect. More and more people are living in Ivory Towers so to speak and find it very difficult to connect with their subjects. It is like high tech without high touch. Such behaviour is not only found in photography but also in politics. As such, tele and hip street photography were taunted as the way street photography should be. Then again, it comes back to the basic question, what do you want out of street photography?






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