Photosafari is organizing a short photography trip to Xiapu China from 15-20th May 2019

Xiapu is often known as the “Most beautiful Coastal Line in China”. It is blessed with mudflats of about 40 sqm, long coastline (400km), lots of natural scenery and quaint fishing villages. This place is considered as one of the ten most beautiful photography bases in China.

There are numerous photography opportunities like beaches, spectacular sunrises and sunsets, mists, mountains, fishing boats, local gypsies and other such scenes.

Places of visit

Some of the places that we will visit are Beidou Village, Beiqi, Weijiang Village, Xishan beach, Yangjiaxi, Hanjiang Village, Mantou Hill, Shajiang, Banyueli Village,and Dongbi Village,

How do you get there?

We recommend the XIAMEN AIR flights below so that we can gather at Xiamen at the same time. The arrival time at Xiamen is 14:00 or 2pm. If you are using other airlines, please make sure that you are arriving around the same time as our recommended flight.



KL to Xiamen 9:20 – 14:00


Xiamen to KL 9:15 – 13:40

Collaboration with Chinese Photographer

We are collaborating with a local Chinese Photographer who has lots of experience photographing around this region. He will be able to bring you to choice and secret locations that only landscape photographers would bring you.

Chinese Visa

Please check whether you will need a Chinese Visa to visit this place. We will assist you by providing invitation and confirmation letters to assist in your application.


The temperature in May is around 24-32 oC. There may be slight rain.

Difficulty of trip

Generally, there will be a bus to bring you around to places of interest. You may only need to walk up to the vantage points to get the best shots. The difficulty factor is easy to moderate.


Day 01- 15 May (No meals)

  • MAS flight to Xiamen. Arrive Xiamen at 14:00.
  • Group meet up and transfer to the high-speed railway station for train D3211 to Xiapu. Train ride 17:14-19:45
    • Transfer to hotel. 
    • Free & easy

Day 02, 16 May (B,L)

  • Drive to Huazhu for sunrise as well as to Fuyao Island
    • Onward travel to Yangjiaxi to visit the ancient banyan trees
    • We’ll arrange to shoot with local old man and lady dressed in traditional attires.
    • In the afternoon, drive to Xia Qingshan Bridge to visit a fishing village and shoot the sunset, which can be taken also against the light. Local fishermen and their families live in conjoint and connected fishing boats and are regarded as “sea gypsies”. The boats which are connected together are very colourful. During low tide, we can shoot the fishing villagers hanging oysters. 

Day 03, 17 May (B,L)

  • AM shoot sunrise in Beidou, where we can capture shots of fishing women working on the mudflats.
  • Drive to Hanjiang to visit locals collecting and sunning giant kelp (can be seen in April, May and June). 
  • PM shoot the beach at Xishan where it is about time for local fishermen to return home after a hard day’s work.
  • Next sunset shoot is at Dongbi which lies by the sea with a hilly background, offering super wide field scenery for great photography.

Day 04, 18 May (B,L)

  • AM shoot sunrise at Mantou (Steamed bun) Hill at Weijiang Village where you can view hanging oysters and kelp on slim bamboo poles. At the S-shaped gulf in Shajiang, you can see thousands of bamboo poles standing on the huge beach with many fishing boats busy moving through the poles going in and out of the beach. 
  • PM visit Banyueli, a national and cultural village to visit local She ethnic group.

Day 05, 19 May (B,L)

  • AM visit Beiqi for sunrise shoot and fishermen working on the mudflats.
  • Return to hotel for breakfast, then drive to Bachimen where the local people regard crabs as a great delicacy and so crabs cultivating on the mudflats is very common. Alternatively, we could go to Nanwan to see small crab cultivating nets and the “maze” beach lines until noon.
  • PM you’ll be transferred to the high-speed train station to Xiamen, train No D3165 (16:05-18:48), and transfer to the hotel in Xiamen. 

  • Check-in hotel at Xiamen

Day 06, 20 May (B)

  • Breakfast
  • In the morning, feel free to explore around the neighborhood before the transfer to the airport for your flight taking off at 9:15am

If you are interested to find out more about this trip, please email: [email protected]

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