PhotoSafari Trips in 2023

Next year, 2023 will witness more opening of country borders as the pandemic recovery phase kicks in. It is very difficult to plan the 2023 trips as there are still uncertainties as to the pandemic control requirements of each country. Also, the price hikes of airfares in 2022 adversely affect travelling. Most airlines have increased their airfares by more than two folds. We hope that international airfares will come down to close to pre-pandemic levels. The Ukraine war has also caused uncertainties in travel to European regions.

Having said that, we are proposing the following program for 2023, however, we may modify the program once we have a clearer picture in 2023. We are looking into planning some other trips to Masai Maara National Park, Greenland, and Old Silk Road in China.

Stay tune for more details as we work on our 2023 trips. If you want to be inform of our trips when the trips are ready, please email: [email protected] to register your name on our mailing list.