Bull Racing (Barapan Kebo) at Sumbawa from 10-13 August 2017



Bull Racing is a way of life of the farmers in Indonesia. The Pacu Jawi event in Padang, Indonesia has been actively promoted around the world. However, as a long time follower of this event since 2009, I find that this event has turned too touristy. Gone were the days where one can stand on the ground facing the charging bull at the end of the race field.

In our search for more authentic culture, we have come across a similar Bull Racing or Barapan Kebo as it is called in Indonesian language in Sumbawa. The difference between the Padang and the Sumbawa race is that in order to encourage the bulls to run faster, the jockeys bite on its tail while in the later, the jockeys use a stick. This bull racing event in Sunbawa is not yet commercialised. It is not well promoted, however, the excitement of standing at the end of the field waiting for the charging bulls is an adrenaline rush that only photographers who have been there can vouch for.

We will also be photographing the village life and local markets in this area. On the third day, we will visit Moyo Island. This is an idyllic island with beautiful beaches. We will have a day of snorkeling, swimming and take a bike ride to Mata Jitu Waterfall.

We will be staying at the luxurious Sumawa Seaside Cottage Resort. Sumawa Seaside Cottage throughout our stay.

sumawa resort_001

Sumawa Seaside Cottage Resort

sumawa resort_002

Sumawa Seaside Cottage Resort.



Day 1 – 10th Aug (No meals)

  • Arrival at Sumbawa
  • Check-in Sumawa Seaside Cottage Resort
  • Meals on your own
  • Free and easy

Day 2 – 11th Aug (B,L,D)

  • Breakfast
  • Photo session Child Jockey of Sumbawa
  • Photo session Bull Race of Sumbawa
  • Human interest and sunset point at Bungin Island (the most populous island in the world)

Day 3 – 12th Aug (B,L,D)

  • Breakfast
  • Moyo Island by speedboat (45 minute) from Samawa Resort
  • Snorkeling / swimming at Coral Hill,
  • Lunch
  • Mid-day – Mata Jitu Waterfall by Motor Bike.
  • Enjoy the atmosphere and photography at Mata Jitu waterfall
  • Back to Sumbawa.
  • Dinner at Samawa Resort

Day 4 – 13th Aug (B)

  • Photo session traditional market
  • Breakfast
  • Drop off at airport

Photography Guide: Maxby Chan


How to get there?



KUL-LOP (Kuala lumpur – Lombok)

Air Asia: 08.35 -11.45

LOP-SWQ (Lombok – Sumbawa) 

Wings Air (10kg luggage) : 16.00-16.30

Price around Rp 200.000 – Rp 400.000


SWQ-LOP (Sumbawa-Lombok) 

Garuda Indonesia (10kg luggage): 11.20-12.00

Price around Rp 200.000 – Rp 400.000

LOP-KUL (Lombok-Kuala Lumpur)

Air Asia : 19.15 – 22.25

Photo Gallery


Berapan Kebo


Berapan Kebo


Berapan Kebo


Child Jockey race

sumawa resort_003

Mata Jitu Waterfall taken by Yudy produced with permission.



For more information about this photosafari trip, please email Maxby Chan at [email protected]

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