World’s “First Instagram” Hotel


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The Instagram community is growing in strength. We had our first encounter with Instagrammers Malaysia at CAFFA event held a couple of weeks ago. The Instagram Photo Competition generated more than 60,000 #tag views. Here is another organisation noticing the influence and jumping on the bandwagon.

1888 Hotel, Sydney

If you’re an Instagram junkie who can’t go a day or even an hour without posting something to the massive photo network, and you’re planning on going to Australia sometime in the near future, then do we ever have the hotel for you.

The 1888 Hotel in Sydney has so embraced the Instagram culture that they’re even willing to give away free nights to Instagrammers who prove themselves worthy.

You’ll notice the Instagram integration as soon as you walk into the 1888 Hotel, and not just because they’ve taken great care making sure every inch of the hotel is… what’s the technical term… photogenic as crap.


For more details, please click here: petapixels

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